Last day when i was traveling to California, And I happen to meet my friend Cindy. She was facing a hard time looking for  a stable relationship. She talked about how her last two relationship where she faced extremely hard time. I could clearly see how she was attracting wrong men in her life.

Well i clearly saw these questions connected with her.

How can I stop attracting the wrong men
Why I keep picking the wrong men
Why do i attract the wrong guys quiz
How do i stop attracting emotionally unavailable men
How to stop attracting losers

Life is not like western cowboys where it is easy to differentiate between the good & bad boys. Most girls get attracted with a fact bad guys are kind hearted as they are been glorified in movies. Real life has a different story – If you don’t know whom you need to attract you may be attracting the bad boy.

You need to attract right people in your life else you will have people in your life that do not treat you well or who cannot be trusted or somebody who does not like an idea of being in a relationship.If you do not know how to attract correct guys in your life you may end up with misery and disappointment.

But why this disappointment? Why a feeling that you keep fishing

Why you have feeling that you keep fishing the wrong guy every time while other women you know have a stable relationship. First thing is you should know what traits you are looking from a boy.

So first know clearly what you are looking in your Mr. Perfect date. Know what makes you happy.

What kind of relationship will make your life worthy?

Well most women get attracted to physical aspect of the boy, well that is important but you should be looking for qualities like kind, stable, man of word, trustworthy, caring. Well a person with opposite traits like person is violent, drinks too much, unfaithful, uncaring should be strict “NO”.

Next thing is you should know what you have to offer. Knowing that you can attract right person in your life. Know your likes find a boy that has similar qualities so that you can enjoy the relationship. A good example would be hobby that you could enjoy both together.

To get the right person you need to send correct signals. Start from your dating profile make sure you are giving right signals if required look on different dating websites from the regular ones.

Once you have Mr. Perfect in your life make sure you do not show desperation to settle the relation. Give you self some time to know the person, his aspirations, his thoughts on relationship. Do not take any peer pressure. Unless the person is right do not haste yourself in a relationship.

Good boys certainly make better husbands than Bad Boys, unless you enjoy a lifetime of uncertainty. Well girl   you can argue for both. The question is, do you want one kind of man to play around with and another to marry? If that’s the case, then you have to be honest with yourself about just how long you expect your fling to last before you get serious in looking for a potential husband.