To get some body deeply love you & make him want you more is something a desire for any women. As a women I can truly relate to feelings. I do not have some blah! blah list that i can share with you, but here are few things i have learned with my guy.

  • Make him desire about my self.
  • make him fall in love.
  • make him chase you.
  • make him want you in bed.
  • make him fall for you.

Is it the lovely feeling you would fall for.

TIP1# First Learn to Love Your Self

It is extremely important that before making others love you, you need to love your-self.

Self-loving starts with simple things.

When you are positive, confident & smiling it adds charm in your personality, it always makes men look for you, giving you desired attention.

There is no excuse to this you need to eat healthier, do workout & sleep well, this will keep you in shape. So make sure to pay attention to it.

It is alway good to have some makeover of yourself, it gives you new look.

Remain happy then only you can make others love you. 🙂

Tip2# Be a Mystery

Less always makes men carve for more.

Make sure you carve a movement that is sexy & worthy to remember. This will make care more of it.

Find small things that will excite him , just find that small word that will pump his excitement.

Do some unexpected little touchy that will excite him & make him carve for more.

Plan a surprise for him, a smaller & private one. It could be some thing you spend some time together.

Small flashback stories of your relationship could be some thing you should explore.

Tip3# Communicate, But don’t over communicate

When he is away & is calling. Always keep small waiting period do not haste to reply back. Keep a pause. It is ok occasionally you can little flirty but do not over do this.

Similarly you can compliment on small things. Mark my word small things.

Tip4# Get some excitement by doing some activity

Get together for some activity that really adds some excitement together. When two people spend time together they get excited , their pleasure chemicals in brains are pumped up.

Plan a bungee jumping, roller coaster ride .

Tip5# Get yourself  this program

Get your-self a “make him desire you” program from Alex. He has developed a full program you can go through, get some great techniques he has developed.He is one of the best seller in this area. I have to be thankful for various reasons to what Alex program has helped me with.

Well these are mine tips you do not need to stick to this , always exploreexperimentent with your relationship to make it spicy. Make sure you join my mailing i have gift for you.